Yeast Strains

CooLAB107 – Organic American Ale Yeast
Versatile yeast strain for pale ales, IPA, imperial stouts and can be used for all ale recipes in craft brewing. CooLAB107 is a strain with an extremely clean character at low ale temperature at 18°C to higher fermentation at 22-24°C where more fruity notes appear, Flocculation is in the middle and will typically not require filtration, if fining are used in boiling. 
Temp: 17-24°C │ Flocculation: Med-low │ Attenuation: 73-77%

CooLAB108 – Organic Weißbier Ale Yeast
Traditional Bavarian Weißbier yeast strain used to produce German wheat beer where banana flavor is required. Can produce notes gentle notes of clove, but will ferment the most amazing Weißbier at the right pitching rate. Slightly under pitching will help increase the banana flavor.
Temp: 17-24°C │ Flocculation: Low │ Attenuation: 73-78%

CooLAB109 – Organic Belgian Ale Yeast
Belgian yeast strain for your Triple, Double or Quadruple ales. Produces moderate levels of phenolic character and esters at 24-26°C. Lower temperatures 18-19°C will result in less fruity beer. With the right pitching rate in high gravity beer, this yeast will be a monster and ferment quickly.
Temp: 18-26°C │ Flocculation: Medium low │ Attenuation: 74-79%

CooLAB110 – Organic Belgian Wit Ale Yeast
The perfect yeast strain for a classic Belgian Wit ale. This yeast produces an excellent phenolic character, delicious ester profile with a low flocculation which will lead to the perfect haze. Together with coriander and orange peel, this yeast will make the perfect summer beer.
Temp: 17-24°C │ Flocculation: Medium low │ Attenuation: 74-76%

CooLAB203 – Organic Lager Yeast
A very versatile lager strain, perfect for your pilsner, bock or lager. This strain produces at low temperature a clean beer with a very low ester profile. For a craft pilsner filtration is not required if a fining agent are used in the boiling process. If crystal clear beer is wished, filtration is necessary.
Temp: 8-12°C │ Flocculation: Medium med-low │ Attenuation: 73-77%