Quality Control

100% organic media
We take care how we feed our yeast and only grow our yeast cells in 100% organic media, mainly based on barley. We believe yeast performs better if grown in the same media as beer. We use only organic media from isolation of single cells in organic Petri dished to when the concentrated yeast is ready for shipping. It’s all organic.

Every batch is quantified
Every yeast batch is feed so their energy stockpile are maximized for package and shipping. We measure the growth and only harvest when the batch is ready. Before packaging, we measure the quantity and quality of the yeast and send this documentation with each order.

Documentation of purity and vitality.
With every shipment, we also send pictures of the yeast so purity and vitality, easy can be controlled and verified by the brewmaster.

When you use our yeast, you can feel we love to work with yeast and to make organic fermentation easy for brewmasters.

Have fun brewing